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Pragmatic Psychology - Advanced Practitioner

11. Oktober 2019 13. Oktober 2019

Pragmatic Psychology - Advanced Practitioner
Welcome to Advanced Practitioners!
What greatness do you invite people to? What do you know about facilitating? What if you knew that you can handle anything, how much would your life grow and your business expand?

If you would step into being the pragmatic facilitator you truly be, how many new clients would be able to find you? What world would you create? What if you knew how to facilitate depression, bipolar, OCD, anxiety, phobias and any other mental illness?

Did you know that facilitating means making easier… to restore or bring back ... with ease.

What catalyst of a different future are you, that is now time access?

Time to create a world that works for us?
2, 5 day or 2 day Pragmatic Psychology class OR Foundation in the last 12 months

Guadalajara - Jalisco - Mexico
Guadalajara, Jalisco

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