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Pragmatic Practitioner - What do you you know about facilitating change for you and your clients?

25. Juni 2021 28. Juni 2021


This class will be live at the castle in Italy and also Online via Zoom.

You know what creates more for you! Trust your knowing!

If you would like come live, you are very welcome and if you have questions about it, please email us at info@pragmaticpsychology.com You can stay at the castle or at an airbnb close to the castle.

If you are attending Online from the comfort of your home, we are happy to have you at the class and are looking forward to you!

What change is waiting for You?

If you take this class what future will it create for you, your life and your business?

With joy!
Yours Susanna

Castello Casalborgone - Italy
Via Broglia 3
Casalborgone, 10020

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