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Facilitating Kids to Greatness - The 5 week Online Program

16. Oktober 2023

How to work pragmatically with children

Welcome to this program with Pragmatic Psychology!

This is an invitation to everyone who works with children: parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches, therapists, doctors.

Pragmatic means doing what works. In this reality, the focus is mainly on problems. Children who are different are assessed, made wrong, and even sometimes diagnosed as suffering from some kind of disease.

What is possible that goes beyond this paradigm?

What if there were capacities beneath all these problems just waiting to be discovered?

Parents and teachers often torment themselves, judging themselves for being wrong, not doing enough, or not doing it right. I invite you to discover the strongness beneath all of this, to find out what you are capable of and what you know about children and working with families.

In the following modules, I will show you a completely new approach to working with children. How many capacities, and how much knowledge do the kids have, that they have never been acknowledged for?

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